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You will definitely need a reliable company that can help you with all the projects. Trust, communication, and loyalty is the key to proper working. We ensure all the three to our clients in the business dealings. Over the years, we have worked with various companies and helped them to develop websites and webpages based on the requirements and design given to us by the company. We aim to help you build up a reliable web page that is effective and functions quickly. We aim at building up the highly responsive website, and we take pride in doing so. It is our responsibility to cater to the needs of our customers. Your feedback is important to us, and thus, we can work more in case of any required changes.
A webpage, according to us is something that is highly responsive and is visible on your monitor. There is no compulsion for it to be short. A webpage can be lengthy and should be having scrollbars towards the right of the page. If you have a mobile screen and you are operating your website through it, you can have a view the webpage too. Even in that case, you can scroll through the pages and check the content of the website. Some of these webpages even have a logo and content is a must in case of a webpage. The main webpage is the one that has small sections for the various pages into the website and can lead you to it.
When it comes to developing websites for the businesses, they aren't just limited to one. We work with different business companies such as small start-ups, non-profit organisation, large corporation and B2B. Apart from that, we have been working with the different business industries ranging from apparel to health and beauty, from technology to finance, from arts to fair trade and even more. We have been helping our clients to develop their customer service, marketing their products and to promote their products. Our team has been helping in enhancing credibility and functionality of the website. Before we begin with your project, we understand your requirements from industry, competitors and then move forward accordingly.
Technically, no one can give you such guarantee, and if someone is, there are high possibilities of them lying. Various companies promise to do so and thus end up taking measures that can harm the website reputation and lead to being penalized by Google. You should implement and structure your SEO the right way to rank higher.

1. What does the term responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design means the procedure for the web design that can help the customers to browse through the various web pages through screen sizes, windows, and different devices. We make sure to build up the web pages in such a way, that the layout of the web pages not only fits your computer screen but mobile screen as well. This helps to save the cost against developing a separate website for mobile screens. The choice of responsive web design varies from company to company on the basis of implementation and interpretation. A properly functional responsive web design ensures better usability and customer satisfaction.

3. Do our website design work on mobile devices?

We get this one question very frequently from our clients. As far as the websites working on mobile devices is concerned, we offer that service. All our websites are very much functional on the mobile devices. We can fulfill all your requirements with proper security. Since most of the websites these days receive significant traffic from mobile devices, we make sure to make our website mobile-friendly. Most of the people browse through mobiles and having one mobile- friendly website can help you draw significant traffic. It is our responsibility to make your website experience on the phone highly satisfactory.

5. Does my website need search engine optimisation??

In a competitive online world, your website does need search engine optimisation. SEO is not just one step process; it is a complex procedure. If you want your website to rank high in the search engines, you should make efforts towards developing these pages. Google takes into consideration several factors for your website to rank such as mobile-friendliness, responsive design, the duration for which people stay on the site. On-page SEO has always been helpful to meet the requirements and standards of a properly functioning website. It ensures that the website has a proper structure. This increases the chances of ranking high. Off-page SEO is a little bit more complicated that on-page with 'backlinks’ included in them. It is very necessary to insert high-quality backlinks into the website. Various websites these days use the fake backlinks just to rank high in Google. But once detected, it can lead to some serious trouble. We make sure to follow the legal methods and include the right backlinks with properly structured SEO.

7. How should I choose a web design company?

Before you begin looking out for a web design company, you should understand the requirements of your website. You should try and find out how you want your website to be. Next2Web offers different design possibilities for the website. Our team of an experienced and talented web designer can cater to your needs effectively. We have been in this field for a long time and have earned a good reputation among our clients and peers.

2. Will you own my website designed by us?

Absolutely, after we finish designing the website, it will be completely owned by you. We have worked with some of our clients for a long time. We make sure to deliver the best of all work for better results. If you aren't satisfied with the work, you can definitely ask for revisions, and we will gladly assist you in the whole process.

4. What is web hosting? Does my website need it?

Web hosting is the server which helps the customer accesses your website. The requests are served, and the web hosting page finally grants the permission. Through this process, the user becomes connected to your website and gains information. There are many web hosting services available today to help the customers reach. Web hosting is an extremely urgent requirement for your website, and we can help you with that. We have a package that includes web hosting without any extra charges.

6. What is a content management system?

The popularity of the content management system has been prevalent since ages. It helps to manage the content on your website through a very easy process. Through the content management system, one website content can be easily created, edited and published by the user. In case of the CMS platform, the content is put up in the database and presented in the form of presentation layer on the templates basis. The collaborative nature allowed by the CMS can help your business grow with a user-friendly interface. People can easily create and manage web content without the need to know technical terms and programming. WordPress is one very popular CMS platform.

8. Do we use WordPress plugins to create your website?

Usually, we do not use the designs and themes given out by WordPress for curating your website. We have a set of plugins from our own design that can function efficiently for small businesses. It has some customisation of the WordPress platform. As far as third party plugins are concerned, we have been using Yoast SEO and WooCommerce as per the customer convenience. The reason that we do not use the WordPress plugins is that it may malfunction in some cases thereby putting the security and maintenance of the website on risk.

1. What will happen if my site does not display properly and is inaccessible?

We highly regret your inconvenience in this case, but your first motive should be to contact us. If we have helped you develop this website and you face any such issue, it is our responsibility to sort them out. We have our contact information registered on the website. So, you may either call us or mail us. We will try to connect and be responsive to you. However, if there is any third-party involvement in the case, we would recommend you to check with them. However, if it is not with them, we will make towards finding out the problem and let you know the root cause of it.

3. How long does it take to build the website?

The time taken to develop the website will depend on various factors such as whether you need an extra page for the website and how much work can be done into it. The design of the website also helps in determining the time taken to build up the website. If you (our clients) have everything formulated from content to images, we will build up your website efficiently. We work towards developing website faster if all the information is available to us. However, if your website is a little complex and requires a lot of programming in it, we can do it in a month.

5. Do you need to give us the content before contacting?

Usually, our clients are of the venue that they need to provide us with complete content before starting. However, it is not necessary for us. A sample or demo content can be extremely helpful and be will move according to that. You can further keep on curating content, and we can insert it. It would be better if you just provide us with the guideline. Your content guideline should include where we are required to add images and text content.

7. Does Next2Web offer search engine optimisation services?

SEO is an essential part of the online world today. Without SEO it is extremely tough to take your website to heights. We make sure that our clients get to enjoy our SEO services via our different plans. If you are just a small start-up, our structured SEO can help to give your business a push. We make sure to analyze the keywords in our platforms and then modify the keywords accordingly. It is done on a monthly basis to achieve better results.

2. How to manage your own website?

A website dashboard is an essential part of you are looking forward to ways for developing and making changes. Our team of experts helps in developing a dashboard that is very easy to handle. As the admin of the website, you can log in to the website and make changes as per your needs. Via the dashboard, you can bring about changes in the plugins and themes.

4.How do browsing and membership work?

You can browse from our complete website and check for the membership plans. There are monthly as well as yearly plans with certain discounts on the different levels. The team of Next2Web believes in catering the best services to our clients, and thus we make sure to customize all your needs effectively. We choose from the wide range of products and format our plans accordingly. There is a difference in the price of different levels and based on your requirements, the prices for the plans are adjusted. If you want a long term service, it is beneficial to subscribe to the annual plans to enjoy discounts.

6.How to purchase an extension of the website plan?

If you want to work with us for a long time, you can choose to purchase the yearly plan. If your plan has expired, you can always choose to renew it. It is better to check with the pricing options, before making any abrupt decision. The renewal package is also offered for our consistent customers, and there is a different section for that. Therefore, if you want to purchase the extension of a similar product, you can browse the pricing plans and make a decision accordingly.

8. Can Next2Web help your business put up in the Google page?

If you want your website to show up on Google's page among the branded searches, Next2Web can help to do that. We can help you strategize and customize the keywords into your website and thus help you be in the search engine.

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