Lead Generation

What is lead?

A lead refers to the process through which a visitor visits your landing page of the website and thereby enrolls in the inquiry form showing interest in your products. This will help you have an idea of which companies are interested in your product and service and your can follow accordingly. The person usually fills up the contact details and thus you can stay in touch with them. The lead based marketing procedure helps to reach towards targeted audiences and is one of the most efficient forms of the digital marketing.

How does lead based marketing work?

Lead generation follows a significant list of procedure to help you reach the results.


SEO service

Our team of experts makes sure to optimize SEO in your landing page in such a way that you get the high ranking leads. This eventually helps you in drawing a significant amount of traffic from the search engines.

Email marketing

Over the years, our team of experts has been preparing a list of database for the contact. This database consists of a list of emails and thus, we can use these to send emails and eventually generate leads for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Our team of experts has a list of host partners and affiliates sites from different locations and interest groups. This will help you to divide the traffic for your landing pages and eventually get the best results for your business.


Leads play an important role in today's line business. You should come in contact with the reliable companies for the lead generation for your website. Next2Web offers competent lead generation services which are prepared after planning a proper strategy for the SEO and PPC services.


The first phase is the pilot phase and the second one is referred to as the roll-out phase which requires complete marketing procedure for lead based marketing and helps you in acquiring leads. Some of the prominent measures of this phase include the following

Defining cost and quality of leads

This is just the initial phase for the lead generation. We ensure to prepare the user friendly landing pages that your customers can find relatable. The leads will eventually sign up to the form and thereby reach more information accordingly.

The landing page is optimised at an effective rate and is used for low scale advertising. This eventually helps you in understanding the cost of lead generation and further acquisition. In this phase, you will get to understand the lead quality and overall cost which will be required in the marketing campaign.

Paid Promotion:

This is one of those methods which have proved to be effective. There are various popular platforms that allow you to do paid promotions such as Amazon, Instagram and Facebook. We make sure to implement the keywords in proper manner for your business which can eventually help you develop leads based on the geographic location. We are one of the prominent lead generation companies in India helping you to get traffic based on your demographics and geography. You have a high chance of ranking higher and above your competitors through this.

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